The central location of Delhi in India has for centuries favoured it in serving as the capital for many empires. It is still the seat of power and one of the largest cities in the world. With us, you can discover this city which is a perfect blend of fascinating museums, art galleries, architectural wonders, mouth watering cuisine, bustling markets, majestic monuments, a vivacious performing-arts scene and a good sprinkling of the modern fashion industry.

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Food & Wine - Experience the most exquisite eateries - Tour
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Food & Wine - Experience the most exquisite eateries

  • Connaught Place, Delhi
  • 8 Hours
Starting from ₹ 9,999

Walking is one of the best ways to explore and satisfy your travel lust, especially in a city that is as old as Delhi. Known for its architecture, night life, cuisine, and bazaars amongst other things, this private Walking Tour of Old Delhi is an eye opener to the myriad experiences that this old city haven has to offer. An experienced and expert guide will lead you, providing interesting and historical insight to this ancient city. Delhi being the capital of many different dynasties is a delight for a lover of old-worldly architectural styles. The private mansions, or ‘Havelis’ as called by the populace are magnificent and perfect for capturing on camera. Wander through the spice market, the ‘Chor- Bazaar’ and sample the mouth watering street food if you like! Your guide will entertain you with stories about the city and the history of the monuments you visit. Absorb the beat and the spirit of the city as you walk through the lanes immersed in history and culture that radiates out of the lifestyle you'll witness around you.

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Into the Grill - An Evening of Delhi's Best Grilled Dishes - Tour
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Into the Grill - An Evening of Delhi's Best Grilled Dishes

  • New Delhi
  • 6 Hours
Starting from ₹ 4,999

Exploring the street food of Delhi in a food walk has never been this exciting. Fusion Food Tours is back with another exciting food experience - Into the Grill. Watch how street food delicacies and beverages are made and enjoy some of the best-grilled dishes available in the city. You can choose to do this in the comfort of our kitchen, in a clean and hygienic environment or even go out with our amazing guides to explore the grilling hotspots for yourself. Relish the street food with our trained chefs overseeing the preparation of every dish, and enjoy the company with fun, food and laughter :)  

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Signature Fusion Course - Tour
2 offers

Signature Fusion Course

  • JW Marriot, New Delhi
  • 2 Days
Starting from ₹ 12,999

Goa, also known as the "Pearl of the Orient" and "Tourist Paradise" is famous for not just its beaches but also the architectural grandeur of its temples, churches, old Portuguese houses and scenic beauty. It is one of the few places where the hills meet the sea for a magnificent view of the sea. This 3-night luxury vacation in Goa will quench your thirst for an idyllic vacation amongst the swaying palms and sparkling sandy beaches, not forgetting the rivers weaving their way through the villages and towns. Night life in Goa too is not to be missed with the beaches and clubs playing live music all night long. There are all kinds of possibilities that exist here to whet a travellers appetite and it is no co-incidence that Goa tops the list of the most travelled to destinations in the Indian subcontinent. 

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